Tour program
Day 1
Arrival. Transfer to the hotel. Supper
Day 2
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport of "Nikolaevka". Flight to Kurilskoe Lake (airborne time is 1 hour 10 minutes). Lunch. Taking photographs of bears up to the evening
Day 3
Taking photographs
Day 4
Taking photographs
Day 5
Taking photographs of bears up to lunchtime. Lunch. Return to the city
Day 6
Travelling to the first camp in "Dolina Velikanov" (" Valley of Giants") in a comfortable cross-country vehicle (travel time is 12 hours). Evening photographing on the lake shore
Day 7
Taking photographs at sunrise. Lunch. A short walk in the vicinity of the camp. Evening photographing on the lake shore
Day 8
Taking photographs at sunrise. Moving to the base camp of "Kleshnya" (travel time is 8 hours). Evening photographing on the lava field
Day 9
Taking photographs at sunrise in the vicinity of the camp. Lunch. Travelling to "Myortvyi Les" (" Dead Forest") and "Zvezda" crater. Supper. Evening photographing on the lava field and visiting lava caves
Day 10
Early wake up. Return to the city (travel time is 12 hours)
Day 11
A sea trip (10 hours). Killer whales, sea lions and colonies of sea birds
Day 12
Travelling to the base camp on the slope of Mutnovsky Volcano (travel time is 4−5 hours). Taking photographs of snow caves and the outskirts of the camp
Day 13
Radial travel to the crater of the volcano. (The route distance is 10 km). Visiting the "Opasnyi" ravine on the way back
Day 14
Taking photographs at sunrise in the vicinity of the camp. Return to the city
Day 15
Breakfast. Visit to a fish market. Transfer to the airport
SEPTEMBER, 02 TO 14 2019
September photo tour round Kamchatka volcanoes
Tour cost 88,000 rubles. Number of tour participants — 12 people.
You can order a tour by phone +7-914-623-14-96 or on the site

Tour cost includes:
– accommodations;
– meals on the rout;
– transfers;
– transport expenses;
– staying in a guest house;
– renting of special equipment (tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, dishware,);
– services of a chef

Tour cost does not include:
– the flight to Kamchatka and back;
– alcoholic beverages;
– private expenses;
– insurance.

Airplane tickets:
the flight from Moscow is due on August, 30 and the flight back from Kamchatka is on September, 15 2019.
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